Making and distributing podcasts

Listeners and prospective podcasters often ask Andrew Brokos and me about the tools we use for the Thinking Poker Podcast. Happily, podcasting requires plenty of effort but little capital: The necessary software is free or cheap, and there's no need to use a fancy computer in any part of the process.These tools have served us well:

Recording. We record our interviews with Skype. I record the Skype calls with Audio Hijack. (I use a Mac, so many Skype-related programs are not available to me.) 

Editing. We used Audacity when we edited the show ourselves. It was not too hard for an amateur to learn, and its features are (I'm told) robust enough that experts should be satisfied with it also. It's free. Now we hire a freelance editor, whom we're happy with.

Equipment. Andrew and I each have a Yeti Blue microphone. For a long time, the $100 I spent on it was the only money I'd put into the show.

Distribution. Andrew handles this, so the details could have changed without my knowing about it, but I believe he uploads the show to It was not difficult to get our show listed in the iTunes directory, but it was harder to get them to list it in the correct category.