2022 favorites to date

Last updated 2022-09-04

This is stuff I consumed in 2022, not necessarily stuff released in 2022.


  1. Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry
  2. The End of Solitude, William Deresiewicz
  3. Talent, Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross
  4. How to Change, Katy Milkman
  5. Crossroads, Jonathan Franzen
  6. From Front Porch to Back Seat, Beth Bailey
  7. A Widow for One Year, John Irving
  8. The Last Days of Roger Federer, Geoff Dyer
  9. The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu
  10. The Nineties, Chuck Klosterman
  11. The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles, Jon Bois
  12. The Score Takes Care of Itself, Bill Walsh et al.


  1. The Pragmatic Programmer, Thomas & Hunt (narr. Katarina)
  2. Software Engineering at Google, C. Titus Winters et al.

Podcast / YouTube episodes

  1. Doug Polk Podcast: Poker Pro to Full-Time Trading (with Jason Strasser)
  2. Reconcilable Differences #179: I Believe in the System... Kind Of
  3. The Morning Shakeout: Kate Grace
  4. Causality 16: Tenerife
  5. Solving Wordle using Information Theory, 3Blue1Brown
  6. Sebastian Mallaby on Venture Capital (Conversations with Tyler E143)
  7. Lecture 3: Robert Frost (Modern Poetry, Langdon Hammer)
  8. Living in an Internet Age (Meditations with Zohar S1E1)
  9. Tips to be a better problem solver, 3Blue1Brown
  10. Reconcilable Differences #173: The Chicken Project
  11. 'See Me After Class,' with Jason Snell (The Talk Show E337)
  12. The Moment with Brian Koppelman: Gillian Jacobs
  13. Minimum Viable Continuous Delivery, Coding Blocks
  14. The Tim Ferriss Show: Mark Zuckerberg
  15. Under the Radar #241: Farewell, Feed Wrangler
  16. The Tim Ferriss Show: Cal Newport

Blog posts / articles

  1. Art is for Seeing Evil, Agnes Callard
  2. A Simple Theory of Culture, Marginal Revolution
  3. On the use of a life, Colin Percival
  4. Instilling Novel Thought Patterns and Making Your Long-Term Memory Accountable with Anki, Alexey Guzey
  5. Context is that which is scarce, Marginal Revolution
  6. Data and Definitions, Stratechery
  7. Things You're Allowed To Do, Milan Cvitkovic
  8. Digital Advertising in 2022, Stratechery
  9. Is Old Music Killing New Music?, Ted Gioia

Operas about Richard Nixon

  1. Nixon in China, John Adams

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