My information diet

Last updated 2022-01-15. To be updated monthly.

This page exists because

  • People ask me about it;
  • It's a way to keep myself honest;
  • It's an efficient way to give a sense of who I am.


Roughly an hour a day. Currently:

  • The Startup Wife
  • Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans




  • Conversations with Tyler, roughly 2/3 of the time
  • Accidental Tech Podcast, skipping around a lot
  • EconTalk, only occasionally (but the ceiling is very high)
  • Dithering, basically always
  • Stratechery, roughly 2/3 of the time (eventually)
  • Test & Code in Python, very frequently
  • Under the Radar, almost always
  • Invest like the Best, when I hear a compelling recommendation for a specific episode
  • The Talk Show, occasionally
  • The Tim Ferriss Show, maybe 5% of the time (but the ceiling is high)
  • The Rabbit Hole, maybe 1/4 of the time
  • Mac Power Users, maybe 1/3 of the time
  • Hanselminutes, almost never but the ceiling is high and I love how consistent he is
  • Coding Blocks, only occasionally and skipping around a lot
  • Robot or Not, often

Social media

  • Twitter, almost entirely from a tightly curated list of ~25 people who respect the mental health of their readers (or, at least, whom I find informative and not gratuitously bothersome).
  • Other stuff, very occasionally


  • The Wall Street Journal, perhaps 15m / day
  • Various articles I'm linked to from Twitter

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