Nate Meyvis

Listening notes: Get Ready

  1. The book is about preparation, in the most practical and pragmatic sense. If you have X hours to spend, and your goal is to do the best possible job at Y, how should you spend your X hours? The answer is probably not do do the most traditional, conventional sorts of practice. Buzzy has better answers.
  2. This book should be as famous as The Art of Learning in the relevant crowd. I would actually recommend Get Ready over The Art of Learning for most people.
  3. I was hearted to see echoes of my notes about preparing for coding interviews.
  4. Buzzy did a great job reading the audiobook. Unlike most, it's a pleasure to listen to.
  5. The material is very general and not just for prospective Jeopardy! contestants. (This is very clear from the book itself, but not as clear from its marketing.)
  6. Picasso (supposedly) said that whereas when art critics get together they talk high-mindedly about art concepts, when artists get together they talk about where you can get cheap turpentine. This is the "cheap turpentine talk" of life.

I value nuts-and-bolts / practical-advice-type books more than most people do (proof), and this is the very best one I know of in its domain.

Published 2023-03-22.