My information diet

Last updated 2022-07-01.

This page exists because:

  1. People ask me about it;
  2. It's a way to keep myself honest;
  3. It's an efficient way to give a sense of who I am.


Roughly an hour a day. Currently: 1. Three Body Problem 1. The Last Days of Roger Federer 1. Pride and Prejudice (reread)

(Dipping in and out of roughly a dozen other books, each of which I'm an underdog to finish, but read fine this way.)


  1. The Diff (Byrne Hobart), as often as possible
  2. Money Stuff (Matt Levine), about half the time
  3. Bits about Money (Patrick McKenzie), eventually
  4. Stratechery, in podcast form (see below)
  5. Parent Data (Emily Oster)
  6. The Honest Broker (Ted Gioia)


  1. Dan Luu, every word, unless I don't have time to work through technical details
  2. Erik Bernhardsson, everything that isn't a deep dive into something that would take a lot of time for me to get up to speed on
  3. Marginal Revolution, in the manner of a daily newspaper


  1. Conversations with Tyler, roughly 2/3 of the time
  2. Accidental Tech Podcast, skipping around a lot
  3. EconTalk, only occasionally (but the ceiling is very high)
  4. Dithering, basically always
  5. Stratechery, roughly 2/3 of the time (eventually)
  6. Test & Code in Python, very frequently
  7. Under the Radar, almost always
  8. Invest like the Best, when I hear a compelling recommendation for a specific episode
  9. The Talk Show, occasionally
  10. The Tim Ferriss Show, maybe 5% of the time (but the ceiling is high)
  11. The Rabbit Hole, maybe 1/4 of the time
  12. Mac Power Users, maybe 1/3 of the time
  13. Hanselminutes, almost never but the ceiling is high and I love how consistent he is
  14. Coding Blocks, only occasionally and skipping around a lot
  15. Robot or Not, often

Social media

  1. Twitter, almost entirely from a tightly curated list of ~25 people who respect the mental health of their readers (or, at least, whom I find informative and not gratuitously bothersome).
  2. A little bit of Facebook


The Wall Street Journal, perhaps 15m / day Various articles I'm linked to from Twitter

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