New site design

About a month ago:

  1. I was coming to realize how dangerous dependencies are...
  2. ...even or perhaps especially in small projects.
  3. I wanted to be writing English prose in Vim, not a Web editor.
  4. I wanted my effort, other things equal, to be gaining me capital (human, intellectual, or otherwise).

So I started writing a static site generator:

  1. It's not that much harder to make your own SSG than to learn an existing one.
  2. And I can make (or at least work toward) the SSG I want. (A common criticism of projects like this is that existing projects are always going to be better than what you hand-roll. Perhaps they're better by some independent metric, but most of their features are not useful to me, and often there are a few things I want to do that require a lot of painful customization.)
  3. As I started out, I learned that making an SSG is very different from making the sorts of things I usually make. It's been useful for separating what is true about software generally from what is true about the sorts of software projects I've been consumed with thus far in my career.
  4. I've been struck by how many software or software-adjacent people I know have custom Web sites.

There will be rough edges for a while. Please excuse them. And let me know if you have thoughts or bug reports.

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