Python task manager from scratch

In the introduction (part 0 below), I lay out why I think the world might benefit from another Python tutorial, why this is the tutorial I wanted to write, and (especially) how this is different from other tutorials.

Part 0: Introduction

Part 1: First steps

Part 2: First cleanup

Part 3: Separating the data

Part 4: Functions

Part 5: Setting up version control

Part 6: Adding a .gitignore

Part 7: Adding and removing tasks

Part 8: Beginning dependency management

Part 9: First tests

Part 10: Separating the domain and persistence layers

Part 11: First bugfix

Part 12: Adding a repository layer

Part 13: Fix a major mistake

Part 14: Making an interface

Part 15: Preparing the way

Part 16: Making a first Web display

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