Backward-compatible improvements

Backward-incompatible changes in a workflow, as in API upgrades, break things. Backward-compatible changes can be adopted more experimentally. Since lowering the cost of experimentation is so valuable, it's worth seeking out "drop-in replacements." Here are a few favorites:

  1. Advanced clipboard managers. I use Alfred's, but any modern tool will do. I now consider both the ability to use my clipboard as a stack and to search my clipboard history essential. Ordinary copy and paste operate on the top of the stack and therefore exactly match familiar behavior.
  2. Advanced screenshot software. I use CleanShot X but have not tried other alternatives. CleanShot X can be configured so that overriding the built-in keybindings almost exactly mimics built-in behavior while also providing the opportunity to edit / enhance screenshots on the fly.
  3. Learning keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Trialing task managers by duplicating some tasks in the new system and either linking or otherwise syncing the two systems. (This might seem like extra work, but the linking / syncing process is often a good test of how usable the new system is.)

One unimplemented plan I have in this spirit is to override g <search text> in Alfred, which currently does a Google search for <search text>, to first log the text of the search to a local log and then do the Google search.

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